Inspired by ice-cream-fueled summers on Cape Cod, hip coastal surfers, signature family recipes, and the concentrated flavors of 100% organic ingredients, Ann Ryan, and her daughter Beth Stockwell have created what many are touting as the perfect ice cream sandwich. Made in small batches, with locally–sourced, sustainable, and organic ingredients, it’s an homage to the classic, albeit with a uniquely flavored spin. You know, like a movie remake with better casting.

Established in Malibu 2009, Beachy Cream began by selling to local markets and restaurants, and expanded to a full-service ice cream store in Santa Monica in 2012.

Beachy Cream is also sweetening up local parties and events with a mobile cart and famous Beachy Cream Girls. Their Key Lime Cowabunga, Strawberry Surfer Girl, or signature Ginger Wipe Out will transform your ice-cream-sandwich-eating-experience into a flavor-fueled extravaganza. It’s no wonder we’re asking for seconds and thirds.


Beachy Cream is a sweet treat that you can feel good about eating. We use all-organic ingredients not only because they taste better and are better for us, but because we believe in supporting organic farmers who make the world a better (and cleaner) place. There are no GMOs, hormones or antibiotics in any of our products. Our dairy comes from the happy cows of Straus Family Creamery, and we source many of our fresh ingredients (mint, ginger, pistachios, strawberries, etc.) from local farmers markets.

We are proud to be “Green Business Certified”.


Ann and Beth both have a lifelong love of the beach and community so supporting local organizations such as Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, Surf Aid, Santa Monica Schools, the Boys and Girls Clubs, and other community events is an ongoing mission through direct donations and sponsorship.